- FUGA- Meaning: escape, get away, taking flight and breaking free


La fuga is formed by Nagore Pecharromán and Jorge Elósegui (Estudio Primo). We conceived La Fuga as a way to harness our expertise in graphic and fashion design in order to create new designs for practical household products.

Always with quality and long-life in mind, our designs are simple and functional, while still being expressive and rich in history. People in Spain, who imbue everything they produce with a sense of love and care, then transform all of those designs into physical creations. Their steadfast work and efforts underpin each and every product. We believe that this is the way to craft our designs.

We may continue to explain our philosophy, but in the end it may be summarized in a single statement.  It is our wish that you have the same joy when using our products as we experience when making them for you. Thank you and enjoy!